Mini Militia Wall Hack [4.0.42] | Fly Through Walls Mod APK+ One shot kill

You will become unstoppable with the Mini militia Wall Hack better know as Mini militia Fly Through Walls hack.

As you all know the mini militia is one of the most popular games in India, and the modding of this game is also increasing day by day.

So this is most awaited mods of all because of its unique features. With this mod, you can actually walk or fly through walls like if it is an open sky.

You have probably seen your enemy using this mod in the match against you and you are like, I wanna download this mod too.

You will be surprised to see that this mod has been updated to the latest version of Mini militia 4.0.42, so it has all newest features of Mini militia version 4.0.42 like new guns, maps and much more.

So here we are representing you our latest Mini militia Wall hack [4.0.42] with some cool new features.

Why Download Mini militia Wall Hack?

This mod is one of the most popular mods among mini militia mod users. People just download it for fun not to play on a daily basis.

Many of you might be thinking what’s so special about this mod, passing through walls doesn’t sound so exciting.

But let me tell you this is one of the best mod for fun play. Wouldn’t it be amazing that first you fire shots at your enemy and when they try to fire at you, you just hide in the walls?

I like to troll people in the game using mods like this. You should try it too. Try this once and then you’ll just love this mod.

Features of Mini militia Wall Hack.

We did not want to make this mod too complicated so we have added simple features other than wall hack feature.

We have removed the unlimited health features from this mod because now other players will have a fair chance to kill you.

You might be thinking that how do they have even a slight chance to kill you if you are using this mod. Let me clear your doubt.

When you are hiding in the wall and you fire shots, your bullet will not reach your enemy so in order to kill him, you will have to come out from your hiding. Many of you will think that this mod useless if you have to come out.

But let me assure you that you will love the cat and mouse chase between you and your enemy because of the uniqueness of this mod.

Let us take a look at other features of this mod.

Wall Hack: Pass, fly or walk through the walls as you please using this mod.

One shot kill: Fire just one bullet at your enemy and the next second he will be gone. Kill your enemies with one bullet.

ZOOM 7X: Get a better view of the map using ZOOM 7X during gameplay to get an upper hand in the match.

Unlimited Ammo: With the unlimited bullets fire ceaselessly at your enemy.

Unlimited Nitro: Touch the unlimited heights of the sky in mini militia using this feature.

No reload: Tired of losing because of gun reloading during combat. Well not anymore, never reload your gun using this feature.

Repwaning time 0: Never wait 7-8 seconds after dying. You will be revied immediately after death in this feature.

Free pro pack: Free pro pack has been added for better gameplay during online mode.

Radar Everywhere: Track down your every enemy in the map indicated by the small red arrow.

Guide on installing procedure of Mini militia Wall Hack.

Many of you guys run into problems during installation procedure on this mod. You may have a problem like either the game is not opening or it shows error during installation problem. If you are having this same problem then read the following steps carefully.

Alright so, first of all, uninstall any previous version of mini militia before installing his mod no matter if it is a mod or original version of the Mini militia.

If you will try to install the old version of mini militia on a new version of a mini militia then it will always show you an error at the time of installation so keep that in mind.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to install this mod.

  1. Like I said earlier, first of all, uninstall any previous version of the mini militia.
  2. Clear junk files if you want clear up some space on your device.
  3. Then install the wall hack mod downloaded from this site.
  4. After installation of the game if the game asks you to update the game then, DON’T DO IT.
  5. Never update this game if you do this then the mod version will be gone.
  6. Enjoy your mini militia mod.

Guide on store items of Mini militia.

Like I said in other posts in order to get unlimited gas bombs first you have to buy it from the store and then the bombs will be unlimited.

Dut to errors in some of the devices we haven’t been able to unlock store items but instead, we have added battle points in order to purchase items from the store for free.

Keep in mind that the battle points are limited so use them very very carefully because you can’t purchase all items.

To solve this problem don’t purchase the items that we have already been added to this mod, like nitro, extended mag and faster reload items are useless because we have added these items.

Some new players won’t understand buying options in store here’s a quick guide for them,

How to purchase items from the store?

this battle points will be available only in the mod download from this site.

  1. Install the mod downloaded from this site.
  2. Go to settings tab at the end of the menu.
  3. There will be the first option named as a store.
  4. Click on the item you wish to buy. Then there will be a button available named as ‘equip’, click on that.
  5. By clicking on that your desired items have been purchased. To purchase other items repeat the last step.
  6. Enjoy your mod.

Note: If you have mistakenly purchased an item, you can actually sell them and earn back your battle points. This is the best feature of mini militia in my opinion.

If you have already purchased the item then it will show the sell option so can better understand which one of them you have already bought.


How to install this Wall Hack on your PC?

Many of guys may want to play this game on your pc, just to see how it performs and feels like.

There is no official mini militia version for windows but however, you can play this using bluestacks.

In bluestacks, it feels a little bit weird because you to play the game using a keyboard and mouse which is kind of annoying because it is so hard to control it. But you should try it at least one time just to know how it looks.


  1. Alright so first of all Download bluestacks from here.
  2. Then install it on your Windows PC.
  3. Install this Wall Hack on your pc by double-clicking the apk file using the bluestacks.
  4. Adjust the controls of keyboard and mouse using setting.
  5. That’s it, enjoy your Mini militia hack on PC.

Note: If you don’t know anything about Bluestacks click here.

Final words

So far this is one of the best out there for the mini-militia. One quick tip for this mod, if you will play this game custom game mode there 100% chance that you will get ban by other players.

So to avoid this create your own room in custom game mode and if you just want to play without creating the room and wait for other players then play in a quick play mode.

You might get bored of this version sometime soon so might wanna try other exciting versions like this so we added 70+ mods on our site. Check it out.

So this is it for today. If you find any flaws in the game during installation or gameplay please let us know and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Download Mini militia wall hack

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