Mini Militia Invisible Ghost Mod APK [4.0.42] | HOW TO HACK Mini militia

Mini militia invisible mod is also known as Mini Militia Ghost Mod.

We have updated this invisible hack to latest mini militia version 4.042 so you can enjoy all the latest features of this game.

So what is Mini militia Invisible Mod or Ghost Mod?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if no one will be able to see you in the game? You can sneak up on anyone and kill them as you like.

As all of you from the name of the mod, your avatar is invisible to other players. They can only see the bullets and grenades fired at them.

The amazing feature of this mod is that even if they determine your location and fire at you, all the bullets will pass right through you and so you will become invincible.

We will share you the guide on how to make invisible mod apk by yourself. You will love it but we have made this using a different method which is hard to understand.

But as some of you requested, we will share another guide which is a simple one and you can do it too. However there some disadvantages to making this mod in terms of feature compared to our modded game. But some enthusiastic players out there will love this guide.

Why download Mini militia Invisible Mod 4.0.42?

So you might be thinking what is so special about this mod anyway. Just becoming invisible in the game doesn’t like fun.

But let me assure it so much fun. You sneaking up on your enemy and killing them, without them knowing is so much fun. This mod is so much exciting at first but after some time you do get bored of it eventually.

But some players enjoy this mod so much that they never get bored of it ever. This mod is one of the best mod out there in mini militia modding community.

Just try this mod once and you will truly love it.

Features of Mini militia Invisible Hack.

Invisible Avatar: No one will be able to see you, basically you will become the John Cena of the Mini militia.

One shot kill: With the invisible feature you are getting one shot kill features also. Kill your enemies with one shot of any gun.

ZOOm 7X: All weapons in this mod are 7 times zoomed out compared to normal zooming.

Unlimited Ammo & Nitro: You will get the unlimited bullets along with unlimited nitro.

Free Pro pack: Pro pack is so helpful in the online game mode as you can pick up two guns. Without it, you will be dead in a matter of seconds because your enemies are using high damage guns.

Birth Waiting time 0: After you die, instead of waiting several seconds you will be respawned at that exact second.

No Reload: Your will never betray again by reloading at the very the important time during combat.

Installing guide of Mini militia Invisible Mod.

Some guys just always run into problems when they install this mod and when they won’t able to install the mod they end up blaming the mod. So I want to clarify that we actually took the liberty to play this mod on our devices and it worked pretty awesome. We had no problems during installation procedure as well as during gameplay.

Alright so follow this procedure and you are good to go.

  1. First of all, uninstall any previous version of mini militia before installing this mod. It doesn’t matter if it an original version or modded version just uninstall it.
  2. Delete it files in the android folder to clear some space.
  3. Install the modded version downloaded from below given link.
  4. When opening the game, the game will ask you to update the game then DON’T DO IT. If you will update the game then the mod will be gone.
  5. Enjoy your mod.

Note: When you will install the old version of mini militia on a new version of mini militia the installer will always show you an error. So that is why I told you to uninstall any previous version of mini militia before installing this mod.


In this mod due to some technical issues we have not been able to unlock store items but instead, we have added some battle points so you can purchase store items for free.

Note: Battle points are limited so spend it wisely, but we have already added some of the best features in this mod so you don’t have to buy that item. For example gun mag extender, fast reload and jetpack items are useless because like I said earlier we got you covered.

Some of you may not know how to buy items from the store here’s a quick guide for them.

Purchasing guide of store items.

  1. Open the Invisible hack downloaded from this website.
  2. Go to the settings tab.
  3. Then there will be store option.
  4. Click on that. The battle points will be indicated by green numbers in the bottom left corner.
  5. To buy an item, click on that and then equip button will appear.
  6. Click on that to purchase that item.
  7. To buy other items repeat the above steps.
  8. Enjoy your mod with cool store items.

Note: If you click on the item that has already been bought then it will show the sell button instead equip button. And you have purchased any items accidentally you can actually resell that item to recover your battle points, so its a great feature.

The Secret of Mini militia Invisible Hack APK.

Hang on tight because I am about to tell the secret of Invisible Mod. You can actually defeat an invisible player in the mini militia.

As you are on this site I take you have used many mod apks of mini militia previously right. So many times you would have noticed avatar hanging in the air at the left corner of the map in the mini militia.

Have you ever wondered why is that? I don’t know if its a bug or it is on purpose but anyways that thing right there is how we are going to defeat an invisible player.

If any player is using the invisible hack you will be able to see that floating avatar thing. So if fire shots at that avatar the invisible player will die. So it is amazing and at the same time if the enemy gets a knowledge of this intel then you are dead.

So players who are using other mods, use this intel to your advantage to defeat them.

Final Words.

Definitely, this is one of the best mod out there so far if you want to try some new mod. But people are spamming mini militia using mods like this so just spam it guys.

If you run into any kind of problems during installation or gameplay comment down below and we will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

How to Hack Mini militia Invisible Mod By yourself?

So like I promised I am going to show you one simple method to make this mod using a simple method.

  1. Frist if all download Apk editor app from play store.
  2. Install the ‘ORIGINAL’ version of mini militia from play store.
  3. Then from Apk editor select mini militia from installed apps.
  4. Then go to simple edit.
  5. In that option, you will see a lot of folders. In folders go to ‘ASSETS’.
  6. Then go to HD folder and then find a file named ‘menuTexture.png’
  7. Open that file in photo editing app like Picsart and remove the hand, legs and all the parts of the avatar and you are good to go.
  8. then save the apk file and install it. The installed file be stored in a folder name apk editor.
  9. No one will be able to see you.
  10. Enjoy your homemade Mini militia invisible mod apk.

The Disadvantages of this self-made version.

So if you edit the apk yourself then will get the only invisible feature. Unlike our version, you won’t be getting one shot kill, ZOOM 7X, Unlimited nitro & ammo etc features.

And I don’t know if the enemy mistakenly fires at then your blood will decrease or not. But I guess is you will be dead if they accidentally fire at you.

So there you go. This is some of the disadvantages compared to our version. But hey don’t get discouraged, try this yourself and then if you don’t like this version then switch to our version.

Download Mini militia Invisible mod

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