Mini Militia Death Sprayer Mod [4.0.42] | Rocket+Cutter+Unlimited Health

So what is mini militia death sprayer mod apk?

Well, in this mod the bullets fired from your gun is insane. Your fires so much bullets per second that once you aim at someone and press the fire button it will literally spray the death upon your enemy.

This mod is also known as 1000 bullets pe r shot mod.

The firing bullets per second and speed of the bullets are so much faster, that your enemy will be shocked.

You may have never seen a mod like this before. Take look in the screenshot below and you will get a clear idea of what I am talking about.

Why download Mini militia Death Sprayer mod?

I am telling you guys this mod is dope. This is the craziest mod I have ever played so far in mini-militia.

And I enjoyed it so so much that I can’t express it in words. Just press the fire button and see the magic.

You will Freaking enjoy this so much that you will never get bored of it. We have given you a rocket launcher and cutter as a primary weapon so just imagine how unlimited rockets and saw cutter will look like.

In order to protect from bouncy cutter blade, we have given unlimited health so will enjoy will this mod to the fullest.

Don’t trust me? Try this mod your self and then decide.

mini militia death sprayer mod apk

Features of Mini militia Death sprayer mod.

Death Sprayer: The number of fired shots and bullets fired per second will be unlimited.

Default Weapons: In this mod, the primary weapon is Rocket launcher and secondary weapon is Saw cutter.

Unlimited health: In order to protect you from rocket and cutter blade exploding on you we have given the unlimited health.

ZOOM 7X: All weapons have been 7 times zoomed out than normal to better understand the movements of your enemy.

Birth waiting time 0: After you die you will be respawned immediately without waiting 8 seconds everytime you die.

Unlimited Ammo & Nitro: We have provided the unlimited number of bullets and unlimited jetpack along with it.

Free pro pack: Using this feature you will able to use the dual gun in online game mode and unlock new avatar and so on.

No reload: I just hate it when my gun reloads every time during gameplay but you won’t be facing that issue anymore. In this mod, this feature is a primary need because without it this mod is no fun at all.

How to install Death sprayer Mod?

Some guys just always run into problems when they install this mod and when they won’t able to install the mod they end up blaming the mod. So I want to clarify that we actually took the liberty to play this mod on our devices and it worked pretty awesome. We had no problems during installation procedure as well as during gameplay.

Alright so follow this procedure and you are good to go.

  1. First of all, uninstall any previous version of mini militia before installing this mod. It doesn’t matter if it an original version or modded version just uninstall it.
  2. Delete it files in the android folder to clear some space.
  3. Install the modded version downloaded from below given link.
  4. When opening the game, the game will ask you to update the game then DON’T DO IT. If you will update the game then the mod will be gone.
  5. Enjoy your mod.

Note: When you will install the old version of mini militia on a new version of mini militia the installer will always show you an error. So that is why I told you to uninstall any previous version of mini militia before installing this mod.


About Store items.

In this mod due to some technical issues we have not been able to unlock store items but instead, we have added some battle points so you can purchase store items for free.

Note: Battle points are limited so spend it wisely, but we have already added some of the best features in this mod so you don’t have to buy that item. For example gun mag extender, fast reload and jetpack items are useless because like I said earlier we got you covered.

Some of you may not know how to buy items from the store here’s a quick guide for them.

Buying guide of store items.

  1. Open the death sprayer hack downloaded from this website.
  2. Go to the settings tab.
  3. Then there will be store option.
  4. Click on that. The battle points will be indicated by green numbers in the bottom left corner.
  5. To buy an item, click on that and then equip button will appear.
  6. Click on that to purchase that item.
  7. To buy other items repeat the above steps.
  8. Enjoy your mod with cool store items.

Note: If you click on the item that has already been bought then it will show the sell button instead equip button. And you have purchased any items accidentally you can actually resell that item to recover your battle points, so its a great feature.

The Advantages of Mini militia Death Sprayer Hack.

This mod has so many advantages with so many cool features. Just continuously fire the cutter blades and in matter, on second the whole map will be filled with cutter blades.

No one will be able to survive this many blades. And after some time the blade explodes so that is fun too. And between so many exploding blades will die continuously no there will be no point of playing this mod at all.

So that is why we have provided the unlimited life hack. But if you like a challenge then we have also provided a death sprayer mod with limited health too. We will leave the link of that mod at the end of the page.

Also, the first weapon in this mod is the rocket launcher. And this weapon is so exciting. Just click the fire button and see the magic. And like saw cutter blades after some time the rockets explode too.

And when the rocket explodes your avatar actually moves dut to the effect of explosion, cool right. When you will play this mod it will become more exciting and enjoyable.

mini militia death sprayer mod apk

Bottom line.

Try this mod once and share your experience of using this mod in the comment section. It has a whole lot of cool new features and has so much to offer.

Becuase of primary weapons, we have been forced to provide the unlimited health so if some of you who don’t like this unlimited health version you can download the death sprayer with limited health.

So in the end, there is just one word for this mod. Fantabulous. Try it yourself.

We have tested this mod very thoroughly in many devices and it is working perfectly. But if you run into any problems during installation or gameplay just let us know in the comment section and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Download mini militia Death sprayer

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